Bollywood music charts’ voyage with melodies

Bollywood music charts have scripted incidents to anecdotes. A sun set at sea-shore, rainy evening, slippery road, a woman drenched in heavy fall. Lyricists drew inspiration from daily incidents, life and nature. From ruffling leaves to roaring clouds, Bollywood has been un-ignorant with use of sounds from surroundings to shape time-less symphonies. Scriptures were orchestrated by composers and voiced by singers. Even today, each of these compositions bring back memories from childhood. A solo note of melody puts stress level at peace.

Life structured by bollywood music charts


Eventually, every track traced life’s greatest learning. Humming a melody made a man charm his lady love. This lead both of them to fall in love with each other. Somewhere in the middle of no-where, we found love. Since then, have been romancing bollywood music. Unknowingly, impregnated love for bollywood melodies in our hearts. 

Musical Instruments

It began from composing music with three musical instruments. Followed by limited recording facilities in thirties. The music industry was ruled by music scholars like – S.D. Burman, Shankar Jaikishan, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Kalyanji-Anandji in late sixties and seventies. Their heirs adapted to transitioning musical trends. Therefore, the new-gun composers kept  close to acoustic and non-electrical rhymes and rhythms.


Mediums of outreach

Bollywood music charts are found playing on various mediums. Radio, television and silver screen are most sorted to reach its audience. During the period, listeners sent postcards to the national radio channel ‘Aakashvaani’ or television channel ‘Doordarshan’. Both of these hosted a single music countdown show each. The letter carried a request to play his favorite track. The listener had to wait till eternity with his ears stuck to the machine to luxuriate listening to the bollywood music chart requested with his evening cup of tea. This longing to listen to compositions nursed a taste for melodies. Perhaps, this made the listeners cherish what they had tuned into weeks before.

Melodies ‘now’

A fast forward to the twenty first century, musical pieces are now readily available on devices. The lost eagerness has resulted in impatient listeners. Internet has further complimented the loosing sheen of bequest while serving a global platter of music at convenience. A single tap on the phone switches to a rhythmic but electronic parody. From unplugged harmonies of string instruments (like veena, violin, sitar etc.), wind instruments (banjo, saxophones, flutes etc.) and percussions (drums, bell, bongo, congo, etc.) we evolved to electronic music (using electric guitar, keyboard etc.), computer made sounds and combined music.

Bollywood & us

Among millions of tracks available from the world over at our convenience, that person inside still crushes on compositions from the golden era. Melodies ‘We ought to grow old together!’

This piece was originally written for a lifestyle publication by Aditi in 2018.

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