Bollywood : An arduous Showbiz – Tusshar Kapoor


Wit on his mind, heart on sleeve that’s how we now know ‘Tusshar Kapoor’.  Our formal interaction turned a laughter riot with the prince of comedy. Read more from his frolic interview with Aditi (for TMM-ThnkMkt Magazine) as he gets candid about new-age cinema and Bollywood’s presentation of comedy flicks.

All ‘Firsts’ in life hold a special place in our hearts. Very few people know that you began working as an assistant director with Mr. David Dhawan before you bagged the character of male lead in ‘Mujhe Kucch Kehna hai’. Did you have any apprehensions before taking  a plunge as an  actor?

Being an adult was like holding a fitted sheet with too much to do in limited time. Like every young man, I too had a hard time choosing a career for myself. To probe more into what I wanted to do, I began with working under mentorship of David sir for one of his projects. To my surprise, I got an offer to play the male lead in ‘Mujhe Kucch Kehna hai’ during the same time. Honestly, the thought of facing the camera for my first movie as an actor trickled jitters down my spine, but eventually everything fell in place. There comes a time when you are pushed to make certain life choices for own good. I am glad that I took the chance, put my scorpion instincts to play and made a decision that has helped me create an identity like no other.

Romance, comedy or a romantic-comedy. Which genre of feature films interests you the most? Is there any scope of improvement for romantic comedies produced in Bollywood these days?

Now that’s where you managed to frame me in a tricky trade.(*giggles*). It would be really difficult to have a personal favourite, even though I admit I find comedy more enticing than any other genre. Comparable amount of energy, enthusiasm and endeavour goes into bringing life to various  characters that I enact. I feel fortunate that I am able to spread laughter, help people de-stress and unwind for a little while watching my comic role-plays in mainstream cinema. Though, my choice of impersonation depends on scope and proposition of the project as a whole. The industry trends indicate Indian audience being habitual of preferring supple comedy over experimental, forth-right sit-coms. For instance, Andaz apna apna, Hera Pheri and Golmaal franchise have been successful in striking the right chord among their target audience. Movies such as Jaane bhi do yaaron or other Hrishikesh Mukherjee films are still looked up to quite often due to their artistic sensibilities. Basically, we have encapsulated ourselves in a shell of re-known soft comic interludes. I believe that ‘now’ is the best time to re-condition the young Indian audience to probe beyond conventional platter of humour served since ages.

A single screen to multiplex, fixed movie-timing to movie-on-click at a viewer’s convenience. Indian entertainment has surely come a long way to furnish an ‘experience’ to movie-goers. Has this outreach of cinema led to a more comparison being made between Hollywood and Bollywood feature films?

Every commercial movie production is created on careful consideration of its delineated  audience. On an average, a greater part of young population from metro-cities of the country with a better access to films (from across the globe) would compare features from Bollywood with that of Hollywood. However, Indian audience is beyond bounds of colossal cities, small hamlets and villages. They prefer to enjoy humour they are able  to comprehend and relate-to effortlessly.

During your initial years in the industry, you made quite good choice with off-league characters in non-conventional features like ‘shor in the city’ , ‘khaakee’ , ‘Gayab’ and more. How did you prepare yourself for roles like these?

Ans) Nobody ever achieved success being monotonous. Each of these projects you just named were exceptional in their subjects and story-lines to  hook me to these and be worked on. Every single role in the features defied my skills as an actor. The scripts brought excitement, infused a great rush of adrenaline that pushed me to research, walk an extra mile to get into the skin of character and stage it in front of the camera. My inner strength to break away from my comfort zone inspired me to work harder, perform better than before. Surprisingly, every character I played during the phase was in complete contrast to requirements of my last project.

You are most loved in your character that you play in ‘Golmaal‘ franchise. How does it feel to play a mute character? 

Running in twenty first but competitive industry, I received an offer to play a ‘mute’ character was more of a shock than a surprise. As we understand it, humour is all about punch-lines, statements and dialogues. I was uncertain about people’s response to mute ‘Lucky’ and wondered if I would be able to do justice to the role-play. It feels great to break away from my apprehensions and tickle funny bones of the viewers. The fourth film of franchise, Golmaal again (scheduled to for release on 20th of October,2017); announce success of precise, humour which has something or other for individual from every age group. I feel ‘lucky’ to have played and pulled the character that earned love, appreciation from everyone around.

You come from an affluent background with a good understanding of the film industry. Having witnessed endless seasons of commercial Bollywood movies doing extremely good and bad, do you think it is time we make way for new-age cinema ?

It does feel like having spent a lifetime here(•sigh•). Good work must receive its share of respect in time. ‘THIS’ is the dawn of modern cinema that is now staging scripts unique scripts, romanced by actors and framed perfectly by cinematographers. Surprisingly, many of these low-budget arrangements have been able to attract audience with their uncommon subject-lines but common faces. It is indeed an interesting infusion of rare tales with audience’s expectations. Each of these off-beat cinematic preparation are sequinned with intelligent marketing strategies that make the larger audience walk up to the multiplex and enjoy watching these. The young Indian market is huge but require film-makers to condition it in vacuum of interesting but cautious promotional strategies.

You are blessed with a very close knit family which is an unusual sight in today’s self-sufficient existence. Who is driving force behind strength of the ‘Kapoors’ ?

Every Indian family crowns their Queen. My ‘Mom’ rules the Kapoor kingdom. She made sure we strengthened our spirits, became confident of taking our individual decisions.

An year ago, your life changed from being a son yourself, to now a responsible  father to an year old boy. How does it feel to loose all love and attention at home to the youngest ‘Kapoor’?

It has been a roller-coaster ride since an year and a half.  My life has completely changed for good. Becoming a father to Lakkshya is a blessing that has complimented my existence and kept me grounded. Once you become a parent, your child is an existence.Everyone in the family wakes up to a sight of Lakkshya, play with him for a while and begin the their day thereafter. I feel glad to loose all love and attention to my little boy.

A chat session with Tusshar

Rapid Fire 

What ranks first on your bucket list?

A holiday on snow capped mountains in Europe.

Which is your pick in a game?

Nothing can beat watching an India-pakistan cricket match with friends. Playing ‘squash’ still remains my first love.

What is your choice of clothes on an easy day?

Smart casuals like skinny denims, T-shirt, shorts etc.

Imagine you are offered to play a dark character of your choice. Who would you play?

Tom Hanks in Castaway

You are quite a doting father to your son. What is one thing you would advice to young parents?

Spend good time with your kids. A moment lived now, would be cherished forever.

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