The Brawny Prodigy of Bollywood : Amit Sadh

Recently been announced as the first Bollywood heartthrob to enter Motor GP, he thrives on his decisions to ‘live’ life on own terms.The generous soul insinuate  ‘the Himalayas’ as his second home. Do not be surprised if you see the fearless man honestly  speaking his heart or crushing on his next expedition. An Actor by profession and rider at heart is how we know the adventurer Amit Sadh. In his convivial dialogue with Aditi (for TMM-ThnkMkt Magazine), he unveils heroic-self we have never seen before.

Your projects speak of amalgamation and sequencing of contrasting moods in a single character. What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you listen, read about a character you decide to do ?

Back in 2013, I was tired of being out-of work for a while. Escalating unpaid bills, mounts of loans registered in my name had put me on a ticking time bomb; which if blasted would have landed me to a dark reality of getting me back to a blue-collared job of a security guard again. In a single state of ‘bankruptcy’, my brain was hammered with a thought of being a ‘loser’ by everyone around. On struggling to make my mark for seven years, I heard my heart’s calling and agreed to sign the first film that came my way at that time. Kai Po Che to the rescue and I was back in the game. The journey has left me with a enormous gratitude, gratefulness and thankfulness in heart. All of which has together brought me to a state of contentment where today, I ‘choose’ my scripts which aspire, perspire and inspire my audience with its content.

From notable television, films and web series gracing your career chart; you did selective but exemplary choice of projects specially after Kai Po Che. Have you become selective to do only handful of projects in a set time frame? 

A common parlance states, ‘A powerful blow is comparable to a hundred smaller blows’. Over these years beyond Kai Po Che, I chose ‘stories’ which won my heart, cluttered my brain and committed to earn me love and respect among my audience. There are times when ‘narratives’ choose characters which work wonders. For instance, never in my wildest dreams did I think of working with Salman Khan in Sultan, but it happened when the ‘tale called for it’. This isn’t a ‘job’ but a form of ‘art’ that would leave the crowd ‘thinking’. I am happy and content till the time my assignments leave an impact on audience. Of all these years I have worked in the industry, I feel fortunate to have shared screen space with marvellous senior talents of the country. This fills my  heart with a lot of gratitude.

427462830Your ‘ride’ from homeland to dream-city of Mumbai annunciate the adventurer you are in real life. Was it a conscious accord or destiny that drove you through the road to chase your dream? 

I surely am an ‘adventurer’ (•laughs•). Aesthetically, there has never been any ‘conscious’ decision in my entire life. In my early twenties, I was working as an adventure sports instructor in Mukteshwar. On one of the days, during a post session casual chat, I shared about my dream of being an actor with one of my instructor friend. He smirked at me saying I could never make it ‘big’ with this face. A few minutes later, I picked my bike and rode to the city to chase a childhood dream. Thereafter, I collared a few television shows for a few years. Life came a full circle and another friend repeated the same when I shared about another aspiration of working in mainstream cinema. (•laughs•) Being completely aware of the fact that I might loose everything I had, I wanted to chase and achieve what I ought to. He too beamed on my desire was visibly uneasy with a thought of ‘what if I don’t make it big’. As time takes it, I lost every single penny I had. But never in those seven years of struggle I thought of turning my back from being an ‘actor on silver screen’. Thus, simply being aware or understanding things cannot suffice turning those true. It is necessary to follow it with mind, body and soul to perfectly fit everything in place.

Amit sadh7You have seen the best and worst things in the industry. In today’s mean world; what is the true definition of ‘success’ for you ? 

In one of their songs, Aerosmith quotes, ‘You got to learn to crawl, before you learn to walk.’ I strongly affirm there isn’t anything called a ‘failure’, ‘negligence’ or ‘bad’. In each one of us, there endures someone who must keep ‘crawl-walk-crawl’ often to sail you to transcendent destination. Thus, if you have braved last 24 hours on life on challenging road with a crippled, clumsy, damaged self; you must wake-up with incessant compassion, perpetual empathy and brightest smile towards people around and stride with confidence, while improving with every moment on way to reach your goal. This is the true-essence of ‘success’.

Trekker, rider and more to your list of skill-set; you should officially be ‘throned’ as an ‘extremist’ in your hobbies too. Which is one ride or expedition that brought an evident change in your life?

Ah! There is a myriad of incidents from the mountains which are extremely close to my heart (•sighs•). This was when I went to the mountains for the first time after leaving my job as a security guard. I packed my bag and I went to land myself into a job considering myself great at adventure sports; I presumed confirmation of my candidature.  Unfortunately, I was not selected for the job. As I began walking downhill with grief of being jobless; I asked for help from a bunch of people in a jeep drop me somewhere. A guy named Govind from the same group told me about their trip to an NGO in Naukuchiatal and I agreed to join them for the drive. By the time we finished 48 hours together, I was already an adopted son for them. Everything took a 360 degree turn and I re-began with a new chapter. The mountains truly ‘coach’ us to ‘help those in need’.


What do the mountains mean to you ?

This is probably for the first time I concede that ‘mountains have primarily aided my re-birth’. At age of 16, I ran away from home to Almora to commit suicide. While trying to figure out the self-destructive act, I met a gardener who lovingly advised me not to jump. Instead, he guided me to a gentleman named Puran Singh in Jorbagh who he promised would help me find a livelihood. Surprisingly, I did not jump and found myself working as a security guard in South extension (Delhi) at a brand showroom. Exactly after three years, I went back to mountains and was warmly offered hospitality, accepted by the people there. I resumed working, staying with them and embraced ‘life’ that I was gifted once again by humongous but warm mountains. Almost two or three years later, I ran to Mumbai to find work. In yearning to find a work-fortune, I sold my bike to survive for a while. On a foundered day I rang up Vimal Da (my senior at camp Purple in Mukteshwar) and narrated how it wasn’t working out to turn my dream ‘real’. He immediately put a calm smile on his honest face and comforted me saying, “Don’t worry son. Come here. We got your back”. Within a week’s time of that call with him, I signed Kai Po Che. For all the years I struggled my way to stardom, I was found nowhere but among range of cliffs. It is an annual routine that I either ride or cycle to Ladakh. Last year, I was riding snow-white Chang la pass at a height of 17,590 ft in Ladakh on 15th October 2017. This year I plan to do it on a bicycle with a very dear friend this September. It runs in my close circle of friends. We are a family of adventurers(•giggles•). Trust me, the magnetic amiable vibes of the ambit cuddle all misery, sorrow, torment from my life and leaves me in a state of nirvana. The Himalayas truly provide me fortitude and brings calm. Every time I feel I need peace, I close my eyes to wander among cozy mounts. (•smiles•)

What is one thing you can never get bored of ever? 

I can never, ever get bored of ‘LIFE’. The intriguing un-predictable excitement and tranquil makes it an unfathomable game.

Having done television, silver screen and a web series; where do you think lie the future of entertainment?

It is extremely difficult to distinguish between television, cinema and web as mediums of entertainment. In a country with more than a billion people, everyone has own rendition to enjoyment. For example, a few may want to walk up to a theatre twice to watch a single film, the other might wait for it to premiere on internet or television. There isn’t any threat to any medium because each of these carry own charm, maintain an audience and work on intrinsic dynamics. Considering its availability, ‘digital’ is the most preferred medium. Thanks to Amazon, Netflix and other handles which have invited folks to open doors for a variety of exceptionally appealing content and impactful performances.

While cinema still faces flake (like what happened to Padmaavat); do you think there is something the industry needs to be concerned about?

I genuinely do not feel bothered by it. I am elated to see that with support from concerned authorities, we have been able to release the film. People have watched and loved it. We must understand that we are more than a million strong nation with extreme socio-cultural beliefs. We have a long way to evolve by uniting together as ‘Indians’ rather than dividing ourselves on the basis of caste, creed, gender etc. I hope we become aware and have a better understanding of the nation like what we used to have in the past.

Innovations are necessary for a global growth. Have we invented enough to advance ahead as united world? 

Technologically, we have ‘over-invented things’ which has created a dis-balance among forces of mother nature. If I was a scientist, I would NOT create anything more. If we put everything upside down, we just need to sit and wait for an adversity that may drench everything for us to re-work on inventions again. (•sighs•)

Your character in ‘Breathe’ is very well received. How have you been able to connect with the audience so comfortably?

Kabir Sawant is a cop who is very damaged, broken inside as a personality. His fallen, tired, bruised soul is full of guilt of loosing his daughter. He is trying hard to come out of it by over-consuming alcohol. All of this together has made the viewers empathise with him and entrust his instincts as a lawman. I am thankful, elated to have earned infinite love from every single viewer who is tender-heartedly watching the ‘Breathe’ series. I am grateful to Amazon for taking my talent to a global setting.

Quick Takes

  1. A dusty road or an air conditioned room : Dusty road any day
  2. State of immense peace for you : Riding on a track on my bike with my gear
  3. Your ride : Matte grey Triumph 750 RR
  4. Your soul food : Mutton Biryani
  5. ‘Make it work’ or ‘working to make it’ : Working to make it
  6. One thing world should be showered with : Compassion
  7. You are most comfortable : being on the top (•winks•)
  8. Breathe or Live : breathe that’s when you Live

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