The tenacious empress : Sana Saeed

Co-starred with the superstars of industry, with her immense innocence she won hearts of countless audience. From a young lady to an empress of strong thoughts is how we got to meet, greet and know Sana Saeed in an exclusive conversation with Aditi (For TMM)

Photography : Navin Dhyani


You have been able to connect with audience really well; from Anjali in Kuch kuch hota hai to Tanya in Student of the Year. How important do you think it is for an artist to connect with the audience? 

There is no second opinion about significance of an artist’s connection with the audience. As an artist, it is purely a longing to emote a message or thought with the audience. This becomes easy if one is able to cohere with right sentiment at the right time for them to watch, connect and respond.

You come from a very humble background, being a millennial; how difficult was it for you to convince them to let you be an actor ? 

Fortunately, there wasn’t any persuasion required when I began working as a child actor, anchor. I was a fun-kid at school, got selected for advertisements, had hosted a cartoon show. There was no convincing required for my parents when I bagged the role of ‘Anjali’ in Kuch Kuch hota hai. My mother was thrilled to see her daughter sharing the silver screen with superstars of the industry. Both of my elder siblings conventionally working in noble professions, my father wanted me to complete my studies and settle in a decent job too. The moment I decided to take a plunge into cinema, both my parents went under a state of shock. They wanted to me to be sure of work as I do not come from that background. Touchwood, they are now happy I chose to do what I believed in. My mother has been my greatest support system and keep reminding me of the fact ‘If I am happy, they are fine’. I could not ask for anything more.


You are up not just as an artist but someone who grew up ‘in Bollywood’. Does it actually give an edge ?

(•Laughs•) Finally, someone got that right. I must confess that every single day I have worked ‘in Bollywood’ has turned me humble in own terms. I am not unnerved with things which work or do not work out. I do not categorise anything as ‘failure’ if it does not work out my way. Similarly, nothing over-whelms me either. All of this together gives me an edge to grow as a person and have a better control on my work, life and makes everything right. I am very comfortable the way life has taken on me.

Beginning at a tender age in the industry, how did you manage to keep adrenaline rush when you tasted success? 

(•smiling shyly•) I must thank my mother for all that I am today. No matter how successful I was professionally, she made sure I grew up courteous and thankful to everyone around. Thus, she made sure I had my space & time to look around and flourish as a ‘good human’.  I chose to ‘stay’ in the industry; it was never the ‘only’ option. I took up marketing as a subject in higher studies, worked in client servicing. Within a few days I realised my heart wasn’t stuck to the desk but pose pretty in front of the camera. There wasn’t any peer pressure for me to choose a profession in acting. It has always been my call to ‘believe in my work’; not because the world has seen, appreciated me.


After working in the industry as its own child; do Bollywood insiders treat you any different? 

After 17 years of release of the project, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai still sweeps through hearts of millions of Bollywood lovers. When I was trying to make a comeback as an actor; a single reference to KKHH made everyone believe in my work. I am glad, I did an assignment that genially hammered itself in brains of everyone who has watched it.

You have turned from the most adorable girl to a diva in the industry. Is it beauty with brains that works wonders?

Perseverance and hard-work are phenomenal irrespective of the industry. Being aware of the goal, a strong focus on it and a direction fits the pieces of life’s maze. If you are not good enough to get your work done; you aren’t working well in the right direction. Endurance supports finding and working for a vision.


How do you embrace a character?

A sense of ‘peace’. If I do not have a good feeling about something, I do not sign it. A good script and a strong role-play stay a priority. Money is secondary. It always is a heart’s call. If at all something does not work out, I am assured of something better being prepared.

We have seen you act and know you are a dance freak. If you are asked to choose from dance, acting or direction; what would you choose?

Acting stays my first love. Thus, that would be my first choice. Now that you have added dance to the list, you have spoilt me for choice(•laughs•).

Quick Takes 

What are you most comfortable in ? : pyjamas

Your kind of music : Depends on my mood

Your favourite co star : Shahrukh Khan

A web series or Bollywood film : Bollywood

5 basics when you are out : Perfume, headphones, lip balm, book, card

One thing people do not know about me : I am spiritual and my belief in god.

Anything can work if only you believe in it.

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