Uncrate magnificence : Dholavira

Kutch nahi dekha to Kucch nahi Dekha. (If you haven’t been to Kutch, You haven’t seen anything at all.) That single AV of the senior Bacchan’s grand invite to the great Rann of Kutch was playing on repeat mode since last two years. ‘I must go’ screamed my little heart of innocence. ‘It would not be good to keep whites’ waiting’. Within a few minutes, I called 4 friends who had flaunted their journey to the kaleidoscopic Rann. Only one of whom, ‘the shehanshah of travel-world’ un-tied secretive parts of Color-full frost. A few hours later, we were sitting in front of our laptops and finding ‘best’ of the best at shoe-string budgets.

‘Why is it you are in such a hurry to go to Kutch like in next two-weeks?’ Chandresh asked. ‘That’s because if I don’t go now, I shall go mad thinking about it. Stop questioning and help me fulfil my long-lost wish’. Irritated but convinced, he nodded to help me draft an ideal itinerary to book everything that fulfilled my wish.


After a lot of sessions on ‘why I musts’ with my parents for the n–th time, five nomads landed on the artisanal city of Ahmedabad to drive through to the wonder-place called ‘Dholavira’. A long drive of 5 hours, musically-driven by 90’s Bollywood hits, I had completed 450 Kms all alone. Twirling wind-mills almost danced in circular motions to the swishing music of wind. “Seems abundant natural resources have been put to optimal usage in the state”, Barkha exclaimed. Rushing into sixth hour of my drive to the destination, I had successfully off-rode for approximately 320 Kms and now ready to take the final-lapse. Cruising to an decent speed of a 100 kms per hour, I had rushed into a zone where; wherever I go, no-network would follow. The direct road to the destination, only offline GPS was to my rescue. At a distance of almost 300 meters, was a two kilometres stretch of perpendicular road escorting us to last village of Gujarat which partitions India from Pakistan- Dholavira. Sundown in uncharted land pictured the most beautiful sunsets I had experienced. Here we were, standing in the middle of no-where ‘hallucinated to a super-natural evening’ none of us had never noted before. I parked our car, padded my feet to the warm charcoal. Both on my left and right was endless land smeared with pearly whites. The pale-peach-blushed sun was all set for a dive in the thick cavity of dark reflecting love around. I stood tall in middle of great salt desert all freaked out with a few wild bushes fencing smooth drive-way. None of which was photoshopped or even briskly hit with the stroke of counterfeit. Absorbing all vitality from surreal surroundings, ‘I could drive for another 400 kms’ I told myself. After a sumptuous typical Gujarati platter and a traditional musical evening at our homestay, we retired for the day. A good night’s sleep would bring in a better morning as I transitioned to dream-world.


Soon after our tummy-full of theplas and the special sweet-pickle, we were off to other destination of surprise. Joyride through a series of tall greens and shaded penny boulevard among last village for almost 40 minutes now, there was the ‘end’ . Another off-road up-hill rocky ride, there I reached a platform which added to my list of ‘first ever’. Pastel rocks bedizened ivory salt beach alienated (yet!) from rest of the world. Awestruck to another surprise the state had ‘gifted’ me I gasped and named the endless ranch-of-blue in my name. A psychedelic contrast of azure dabbed the horizon as I breathed flavour of raw salt in air again. On the left of the beach lay a huge fossil which are associated with Khadir formation of combination of sandstone-shale-limestone. Hovering above the aquatic oddity, a swarm of a dozen pelicans took a flight into a dense cloud. Beyond 20 kms of the incredible, untouched beauty is ten kilometre wide quick-sand that segregates India from Pakistan.

‘This was worth those years of waiting’, I agreed with my over-enthusiastic heart. Resting myself on a cradle shaped rock, put on my glares and dozed off for a while.There is more we have seen, even more we wish to witness. You shouldn’t really wait.

Come What may, #TravelBTW


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