#MomInGoa : Permitted fun


“All of you guys go alone for a vacation. When would I go?”, snapped mom while she put on her glasses and googled a few more places hallucinating her ‘holi-days’.

“Maa, how about you and I go to Goa for a few days. Remember, it’s mother-daughter holiday. Dad and chhoti won’t be there.” I joked.

“Sounds cool. Book the tickets. We are a game.” She replied as she put her phone to rest and walked off to the other room.

How can she say a ‘yes’ at once. This is strange and has never happened in the history of ‘mom-and-me chronicles’ ever. I sprinted to her room to re-confirm. “Mom, you sure about this right? BOTH of US to Goa.” I sheepishly repeated my question.

“You got to understand it all at once girl. Let’s go! I would not have to really ‘work’ for a few days. To top it all, I can trust you with vacationing. Now go, plan and report to me.” She ordered.

Her statement was as loud as a thunder, but echoed till I booked the tickets. It is such a task to book the flights considering comfort, least time and cheapest flights all at once for a weekend-off. But then, it shall be a great trip. *fingers crossed*

“Maa, pack your bags, WE are finally going to GOA!” I screamed in excitement.

“You already booked the tickets?” She queried.
“Of course I did. You agreed right?” I pacified.

“You should’ve asked me. No? If we go, would shall prepare food for these two hungry people on earth? (referring to dad and my sibling) How will they manage without me being around? Lets drop the plan. We all shall go together sometime.” She snapped.

I sat like a mannequin with mouth open, but flabbergasted with what she had just said. “Maa, I have put in my hard-earned money in this holiday. You better not do this to me because since the bookings are done, I shall go ALONE in case you decide to drop the thought.” I fumed.

Pin-drop silence in the room. The creaking sound of the fan circumferred the room. Feeling sad, but elated on thought of going to Goa on solo trip sounded exciting. I could be a free bird would soak-in the sun. Ah! what a life’ I was only cooking up my thoughts.

“It should be a good idea to travel with you girl. On top of it, nobody travels to Goa alone, one shouldn’t. Let me work out the rest” She quickly switched to being a thoughtful mother crushing all my dreams of a solo trip. *sigh*


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